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MEC Energy machine shop is equipped with a wide range of latest model equipment including lathes, boring mills and drilling machines.

Our manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing flanges, subs, pup joints, pony drill collars and all types of crossovers. We also have the provision of threading and repair services for the oil and gas industry including the re-cutting of tubing and casing, repair of drilling and production tubular and well heads.

MEC Engineering  Workshop is fully equipped with modern & advance technology equipment to cater the industry for all OCTG, Drill through Equipment.

Under the above scope, MEC Energy has been successfully providing repair & certification of all tools & equipment used in present drilling operations.

 MEC Energy Workshop’s Primary services are:

Workshop A:

  • All operations of thread making is performed on 12” & 15” Hollow Spindle Oilfield CNC Lathes, equipped with thread making & repair software & programs, to provide accurate & efficient operation.
  • Use of Premium Gages & Tools to ensure & conform to international standards.
  • Use of MRP Gages with 24” MICTRAC Unit to cover the range of Casings.
  • Tubular Goods Threading, Re-Threading & Allied Workshop Services.
  • Rotary Shoulder Connections IF, REG, EUE, BTC, 8RD & 10 RD etc. are in current scope & premium threads are in our expansion program.
  • Repair, Manufacturing & supply of Cross Over, Subs etc.
  • Repair of Hard Facing & Tungsten Carbide Facing.
  • Grinding of Stabilizers & other tool assemblies.
  • Manganese base Phosphating for protection of connections & other products.
  • Tubular Inspection. (In-house)
  • Breakout Unit for making & breaking of joints.

Workshop B:

  • Plasma coating Sulzer Metco 9MC (Full Range)
  • Arc Spray Coating Machine Sulzer Metco (Full Range)
  • GTAW Welding Equipment
  • TIG Welding Equipment
  • Electric Arc Welding Equipment
  • Vertical Lathe Machine (3.2 meter swing with 1.8 meter height)
  • Fully programmed Electric Vacuum Furnace
  • Sand / Grit Blasting Bay
  • Fully Equipped Metallurgical Lab

Workshop C:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Unit of 20K PSI
  • Chart Recorder with on screen display & recording
  • Hydraulic Unit for function test up to 3Kpsi
  • Testing pit 12Ft deep, to cater full range of BOPs
  • 42 Ft long for BHA & other assemblies testing
  • Equipped with 17 ton overhead crane
  • Collection of Test & Blind Plates.

MEC Energy Workshop is willing to undertake any challenge beyond above described scope to provide customer satisfaction.


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