Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Industrial Chemical Cleaning2018-12-06T07:27:43+00:00


MEC Chemical cleaning has long been regarded as the most efficient and least disruptive method for cleaning Pipe Lines, Cooling Water System, Boilers, Storage Tanks and Reactors.

The two major categories of chemical cleaning are Pre-Operational Chemical Cleaning and Post-operational or maintenance chemical cleaning.

Pre-operational chemical cleaning is performed to remove any foreign material left after the construction activities either on the pipe or system fabrication. Major considerations in the pre-operational phase include mill scale, corrosion products, weld scale, oil, grease, sand, dirt, temporary protective coatings and other construction debris

Post operational cleaning is performed for a number of reasons, including reduced heat transfer, flow, surface area (e.g. Catalyst, access to full inspection and more). The type and frequency of post operation cleaning varies with system design operating requirements and history of operation and fluid/water treatment.


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