Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Building

Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Building2018-12-06T07:22:06+00:00


MEC Engineering Company has established a factory spread over an area of 24 Kanals in the Sunder Industrial Estate Lahore for Designing, Fabrication and Erection of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings providing complete solution to the light weight steel structure using Grade 50 steel plates/sheets conforming to ASTMA-572 Grade. The designing of the structure is done on the software with exclusive rights held by a designing company in UAE. The light weight structure ensures stability against earthquake, high wind pressure and fire. It is quick to erect and comparatively much cheaper than the conventional buildings. The structure can be erected and dismantled for relocation in a short span of time. It has the unique capability to provide a combination of Pre-Engineering and hot-rolled section in a single design and package. It offers versatility in manufacturing, dedication in service and commitment in deliveries.

Hot Induction Pipe Bending:

MEC has installed a Hot Induction Pipe Bending machine of 325 mm.


Max OD by this Machine: 325mm

Min OD by this Machine: 89mm

Max Wall thickness: 18mm

Min Wall Thickness: 6mm

Radius: 2D – 6D

2 Main Cylinders

Max. Pushing power: 50T Max. Pressure: 21 Mpa

Return Speed: 5000 mm/min

Pushing speed: 0.2450 mm/min

All the tests relating to Pipe Bending like Micro Examination, Tensile, Charpy Impact, Hardness and Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement are conducted from PCSIR & JIACCO Pakistan PVT Limited.

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