MEC Energy

MEC Energy Introduction

MEC Energy machine shop is equipped with a wide range of the latest model equipment including lathes, boring mills and drilling machines.

MEC Energy has established the Quality Management System based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, API Spec Q1 9th Edition, 7-1, 6A & 16A.

Our manufacturing scope includes:

  • Blind & Test Flanges, Tees & Crosses, Adapter Spools and Spacer Spools at PSL 1, PSL 2, PSL 3 under API 6A.
  • Drill Stem Subs / X-Overs & Threading of Rotary Shouldered Connections under API 7-1.
  • Adapters under API 16A

Under API Q1, the scope includes Repair and Refurbishment of:

  • Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment.
  • Gate Valves, Single and Multiple Valves, Actuated Valves, Check Valves and Chokes.
  • Annular and RAM BOPs.
  • Drill-Through Equipment.

Under the above scope, MEC Energy has been successfully providing repair & certification of the tools & equipment used in present drilling operations.

MEC Energy Workshop’s Primary services are:

Workshop A:

  • All operations of thread making is performed on 12” & 15” Hollow Spindle Oilfield CNC Lathes, equipped with thread making & repair software & programs, to provide accurate & efficient operation.
  • Use of Premium Gages & Tools to ensure & conform to international standards.
  • Use of MRP Gages with 24” MICTRAC Unit to cover the range of Casings.
  • Tubular Goods Threading, Re-Threading & Allied Workshop Services.
  • Rotary Shoulder Connections IF, REG, EUE, BTC, 8RD & 10 RD etc. are in current scope & premium threads are in our expansion program.
  • Repair, Manufacturing & supply of Cross Over, Subs etc.
  • Repair of Hard Facing & Tungsten Carbide Facing.
  • Grinding of Stabilizers & other tool assemblies.
  • Manganese base Phosphating for protection of connections & other products.
  • Tubular Inspection. (In-house)
  • Breakout Unit for making & breaking of joints.

Workshop B:

  • Plasma coating Sulzer Metco 9MC (Full Range)
  • Arc Spray Coating Machine Sulzer Metco (Full Range)
  • GTAW Welding Equipment
  • TIG Welding Equipment
  • Electric Arc Welding Equipment
  • Vertical Lathe Machine (3.2 meter swing with 1.8 meter height)
  • Fully programmed Electric Vacuum Furnace
  • Sand / Grit Blasting Bay
  • Fully Equipped Metallurgical Lab

Workshop C:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Unit of 20K PSI
  • Chart Recorder with on screen display & recording
  • Hydraulic Unit for function test up to 3Kpsi
  • Testing pit 12Ft deep, to cater full range of BOPs
  • 42 Ft long for BHA & other assemblies testing
  • Equipped with 17 ton overhead crane
  • Collection of Test & Blind Plates.

MEC Energy Workshop is willing to undertake any challenge beyond above described scope to provide customer satisfaction.